Jul 05

5th of July 2017

STRADE publishes draft concepts for a data and konwledge information system

Draft concepts for a data and knowledge information system on mineral mining and trade and related environmental and socio-economic issues were published in three parts: Part I introduces the concept, Part II presents the concept for raw materials profiles; Part III shares the concept for country-specific profiles.

May 17

17th of May 2017

ElmoReL Final Report published with LCA

The ElmoReL final project report, including a life cycle analysis, is now available in German.

Feb 28

28th of February 2017

ElmoReL Final Report published

The ElmoReL final project report is now available in German.

Feb 18

Development of a conceptual legal framework for a federal law of resource protection

18th of February 2013 by Stefanie Degreif

Oeko-Institute finalized in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Sanden and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Thomas Schomerus (Leuphana University Lüneburg) and commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency a legal study on resource protection law. This legal analysis investigates the development of a regulatory concept for a German resource protection law at federal level. It contains a definition of the term „resources“, an inventory of resource protection law at international, European and national level and an outline of a regulatory concept for a new German federal resource protection law. Part of the regulatory concept is the selection and analysis of regulatory instruments classified with regard to the effects of the instrument (i.e. command & control, planning, economic and informational approach).

The publication "Entwicklung eines Regelungskonzepts für ein Ressourcenschutzrecht des Bundes" can be found here:

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