Jul 05

5th of July 2017

STRADE publishes draft concepts for a data and konwledge information system

Draft concepts for a data and knowledge information system on mineral mining and trade and related environmental and socio-economic issues were published in three parts: Part I introduces the concept, Part II presents the concept for raw materials profiles; Part III shares the concept for country-specific profiles.

May 17

17th of May 2017

ElmoReL Final Report published with LCA

The ElmoReL final project report, including a life cycle analysis, is now available in German.

Feb 28

28th of February 2017

ElmoReL Final Report published

The ElmoReL final project report is now available in German.

Jul 17

Second edition of “Metabolism of the Anthroposphere” released

17th of July 2012 by Stefanie Degreif

21 years after the publication of the milestone “Metabolism of the Anthroposphere” the authors Peter Baccini and Paul H. Brunner have launched a second edition which has been substantially revised and greatly expanded.

The book covers the characteristics of material stocks and flows of human settlements in space and time. The method of material flow analysis (MFA) for metabolic studies and the analysis of regional metabolism and the material systems
generated by basic activities are described. The authors offer four case studies of optimal metabolic system design: phosphorus management, urban mining, waste management, and mobility.

This second edition focuses also on design and resource utilization which reflects recent debates and scholarship on sustainable development and climate change.

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