Smart regulation of resources

Smart regulation of resources needs to look at social, environmental and economic dimensions of how resources are used in our society. The political aim to decouple the economic growth from environmental impact has not been achieved yet. Scientists of Öko-Institut develop and analyze political strategies and instruments in order to achieve those goals. Addressing the environmental impacts of mining resources, their efficient use and recovery and finally safe disposal we focus on specific tools encompassing co-operative and market-based instruments, voluntary approaches and administrative regulations

Publications List


Deutschland 2049 – Auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Rohstoffwirtschaft
Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Stahl, H., Degreif, S., Schleicher, T., Huenecke, K., Bulach, W., Mottschall, M., Ustohalova, V., 2017
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STRADE Introductory Presentation
Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Manhart, A., STRADE Consortium, Schüler, D., Degreif, S., Hay, D., 2016
Deutschland 2049 - Auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Rohstoffwirtschaft: Instrumente für die Rohstoffwende - ein Ausblick
Schmidt, G., Schulze, F., Degreif, S., Manhart, A., Stahl, H., Buchert, M., 2015
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STRADE flyer (español)
STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., Degreif, S., Schüler, D., Manhart, A., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., 2016
STRADE flyer (Francais)
Buchert, M., STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., Hermann, A., Manhart, A., Schüler, D., Degreif, S., 2016
Resources Fever -Broschure
Fritsche, U., Manhart, A., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., 2007
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Ressourcenschutzrecht - Ziele, Herausforderungen, Regelungsvorschläge
Schomerus, T., Sanden, J., Herrmann, F., Schulze, F., 2012
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